WD My Book Studio Edition, 1TB, eSATA, USB2.0, Firewire 800/400 @ Mwave $245.99

10 April 2009

Next cheapest is $274 that I can find.
Plug and play usb drive which is the kind I prefer. Hate having to muck around with cd installs.
# Capacity: 1TB - 1.9TB
# eSATA Interface: eSATA II (3Gbps)
# Ethernet Interface: No
# Firewire Interface: Firewire 1394b (800Mbps)
# Firewire Interface: Firewire 1394a (400Mbps)
# Manufacturer: Western Digital
# USB Interface: USB 2.0 (480Mbps)
One of the 24 hour bargains from Mwave this easter. Think it might finish tomorrow lunchtime

Still available but price is now $245.99 - Golfwidow July 09

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  • fishmonkey
    btw, unlike the vast majority of drives on the market, these ones come from the factory pre-formatted for Mac OS X (like any drive you can repartition and reformat for Windows too)... quad-interface gives you maximum connection options and is good future-proofing... also, i'm pretty sure that this is a fanless enclosure; fanless enclosures are quieter but your drives do run hotter which can be a problem if you work in a hot climate without air conditioning... this is not really a "plug-and-play" drive, it's just that it comes with WD drivers and software (for Macs) pre-loaded on the drive, which i presume automatically install when you first connect the drive to your Mac... technically speaking, a true plug-and-play device doesn't need any special drivers or software to work... to use the drive on a Windows machine, you will need to download the drivers and software from the WD website... here is the WD webpage for this unit: http://wdc.com/en/products/Products.asp?DriveID=374#jump1111 actually most WD drives (the desktop models at least) have drivers for the LED capacity guages and other features, although you can run the drives without them... WD have put out some rather dodgy software in the past, including a drive manager program that stopped some Macs from recognising blank DVDs... now that was an annoying bug!

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