WD Elements Portable HDD 160GB $75 delivered @ MLN -- NOW $85 delivered

9 September 2008

Cheers Foundit for this one.
Nice price for 160gb WD delivered


  • wheadle
    Off the MLN site
    Key Features Easy to Use - Just plug it in and it's ready to receive your data. USB Powered - These drives require no power adapter--they are powered directly through the USB cable.* Compact Design - Weighing in at only a few ounces, these tiny drives fit easily into pocket or purse. Reliable - All WD drives, even our most basic products, are designed to protect your data and put through a comprehensive battery of tests before they are ready for market. * An optional cable is available for the few computers that limit power from the USB port.
  • merlincat
    $85.00 delivered now :(
  • admin EDITOR
    Yea - I'm getting the same merlincat. Bit wierd. Ahhh - this is a 2.5" drive. I had it in my head that it was the brick variety. The price at $85 delivered is still pretty reasonable. More low end average than wow.
  • artemishebe
    You can also get the ]WD Passport 2.5" 160gb for $75 delivered from this site (or $69 in store). I went in to the store in West Melbourne today and unfortunately they only had the pink colour left...but they did also give me a free carry case for it.
  • nod
    Thanks for the update. Pink is not so bad. I am guessing the carry case they gave you is not pink? :D http://www.mln.com.au/img/files/518/tn_wdfMyPassport_Essential_PN.jpg
  • artemishebe
    The carry case was black...so if pinks not a favourite it can always be hidden.
  • wheadle
    Kmart now got one for $85 - Maxtor portable 160gb
  • mrdravid
    Seems like Western Digital are on sale everywhere!! Catchoftheday has a 320gb one for $89 and a 750gb one for $139 (plus postage). Also Shopping Square has a 1tb one for $169 (plus postage). At least it gives a few different size options!
  • nod
    Looks like the 750gb is sold out already

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