WD 2.5'' 320GB Pocket HDD-$129 & 3.5" 1TB MyBook Essential-$175@Good Guys:cheaper @Officeworks

29 October 2008

Page 11 of the catalogue. Or you can print the catalogue and go to Officeworks for 5% off the price.

Western Digital 320GB Essential Passport Pocket Hard Drive

* Light and easy to carry, this sleek and colourful pocket HDD, fits smoothly into your hand or pocket.
* 320GB Capacity.
* USB powered.
* Synchronizes with your computer for secure use.
* Search your drive, manage your photos, and simplify Web searches with included Google software (Windows only).

You can take the ad to Officeworks for 5% off the price: WD 2.5'' 320GB Pocket Hard Drive - $122.55 and 3.5" 1TB MyBook Essential - $166.25


  • geo78
    or you can have the WD 2.5" 320GB Elements Pocket Hard Drive - $129 @ ]Officeworks
  • geo78
    the cheapest on ]shopbot for the passport version is $144.99 + more than $10 delivery.
  • geo78
    The image from the catalogue: http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd222/geo78_photos/tgg.jpg

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