Viewsonic VA903M 19 TFT LCD Monitor @ Officeworks $237

15 October 2007

This is a pretty good price for WA buyers, but I will qualify that by saying, go pick it up.

I'm not sure where in WA you'd be picking up from but probably something like Osbourne Park. They might also deliver and it'd probably still work out cheaper delivered that I can find elsewhere but the margins arent huge ($10 of so higher - but if you wanted that price you'd have to have it delivered from an eastern states merchant which would no doubt cost)

We cant deep link so you need to go into the officeworks clearance section > 30% Off > Tech Products. They've also got a 17" in there for $195 which is a good price. I just thought that for the extra $40 you might as well take the real estate.

What do you think?

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