V-Moda Vibe "Duo" In-Ear Headphones $49.70+ $5.95 shipping @ Catchoftheday

19 April 2009

Available in three colours: Nero (Black), Rouge (Red) and Chrome (Silver). Make your selection using the dropdown menu at checkout.

iPhone Call Control, Mic, Noise Isolating.

* Vibe Duo headphones/ headset with microphone
* Black designer pouch
* Three pair (S,M,L) of clear and two pair (S) of black silicone ear fittings

RRP $199 yea right!


  • sandgroper
  • ninkasi
    Did a quick web search on these as I was/am after something for my iPhone - most say the sound from these is great, but with an unusually high failure rate. This appears to be the older design - they changed the plug to perhaps address some of the issues. Feel free to do your own searches, but I would suggest if you do get a pair, make sure you are *really* careful with the join just where the cable connects into the plug. I would note that this is not a problem with only this brand, but it sounds like they might be more prone to issues than many others.

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