USB Battery Charger for AA or 4xAAA batteries $9.95 + $4.90 shipping 1 day only

17 August 2008

USB Battery Charger featuring a AA AND AAA dual recharging design, today's USB Battery Charger is the easiest way of recharging ALL your Ni-MH and Ni-CD rechargeable batteries directly from your computer.
Optional 4-pack of AA or AAA batteries also available!

Suitable for 1 or 2pcs AA / AAA Ni-MH / Ni-CD rechargeable battery.
Batteries NOT included

Two independent charging channels.
LED indicators show the corresponding charging state.
Special power supply: USB cable
Input: USB DC 5V
Charge Specifics: AA / AAA 1.2v x 2 90-110mA
Dimensions: 36x108x20mm

Batteries not included

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  • nod
    I give you a hot vote for the idea. Battery charges are a fantastic idea :)

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