Upgrade your notebook hard drive. 120Gb SATA $99 or 160Gb IDE $89 @ Netplus

3 March 2008

The speed at which hard drive space has grown on laptops has meant that some have quite recent notebooks with small hard drives.
Changing the drive is quite painless on a Dell, consult the manual on other makes.

The 2 above are ok prices but with free delivery saving around $20 they start to look good prices.

120Gb Samsung SATA 2.5" Notebook Hard Drive, 5400RPM 8Mb Cache HM120JI $99

160Gb Samsung 2.5" Notebook Hard Drive, 5400RPM, 8Mb Cache HM160JC $89

They have a 160Gb SATA listed for $99 but no stock so maybe wait for them to arrive if thats the size you need.

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