UMART - Fritz!box AVM7390 ADSL2+/VDSL Router with VoIP DECT Wireless N,3G $242

13 April 2013

If you want to upgrade your old ADSL2 modem, consider the Fritz!box AVM7390.

$242 is a reasonable price for a standalone unit, other discounts can be found if you sign up with a new ISP.

This model is NBN compatible, has 4 gigabit ports, 2 phone lines,DECT, wireless, 3G USB connectivity (just in case you want a fall back connection when your ADSL2 line goes down), media server, answering machine and VPN (access your home pc remotely).

Setup is easy, but like most routers you will need to hunt your way through the menus.

The FRITZ!Box connects all computers with the Internet at lightning speed using VDSL or ADSL2+! With internal flash memory and fast WLAN N, it is the ideal platform for networked applications such as IPTV, video on demand, and media streaming.

WLAN router with DHCP server and IP masquerading/Network Address Translation
Integrated DSL modem supports ADSL (8 Mbit/s), ADSL2+ (24 Mbit/s), and VDSL2 (100 Mbit/s)
Telephone system for Internet and fixed-line network telephony (ISDN and analog lines)
Integrated DECT base station (GAP) for up to 6 cordless telephones; with CAT-iq for better voice quality
Telephone alarms (x3) - you can get the router to make your phone ring at set times/days/repeat.
VOIP - works with Mynetfone and other VOIP providers
Built-in answering machine
WLAN in accordance with 802.11n (up to 300 Mbit/s gross), WLAN 802.11g, b and a
WLAN support for simultaneous 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz connections
WLAN encryption with WPA/WPA2 Mixed Mode, WPA2, WPA, WEP-64 or WEP-128
WLAN Eco Mode reduces output power and power consumption
Integrated network storage (512 MB) with NAS functionality (SMB, FTP, UPnP, AV)
FRITZ!Mediaserver distributes music, images, and videos in the network
Secure remote access via the Internet (VPN)
Use with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux
Dimensions: 210 x 155 x 25 mm; can be mounted on a desktop or wall
Average consumption: 6-8 watts

Included in the box:

FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7390
4.25 m long DSL/fixed-line connection cable
1.5 m LAN cable
RJ45-RJ11 adapter to connect to DSL line
RJ45-RJ11 adapter to connect to analog phone line
External power supply

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    I've heard pretty good things about this box.

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