Ultrasonic Cleaner, 50W 600ml, Digital Display, $79 @ Altronics

16 March 2009

This ultrasonic cleaner uses a transducer generator to produce millions of microscopic cleansing bubbles which blow dirt, grease and grime off surfaces and penetrate deep into cracks and holes. This personal ultrasonic cleaner wont scratch precious jewellery or glass. Simply fill with water (a little household detergent helps), immerse the objects to be cleaned and press the start button. The unit houses a 154 x 95 x 48mm stainless steel tank with a capacity of 600ml. An adjustable 1.5-8 minute timer is included. Not designed for continuous operation.

Altronics have warehouses in Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney and you can pickup for free... otherwise their shipping rates are pretty decent (the most expensive rate for this item is $12 for overnight delivery to a capital city)...

see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultrasonic_cleaner for more info on these gizmos...

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