"Ultimate Home Automation Kit" for $132 - Save $297

23 March 2010

"The 8-piece DIY Ultimate Starter kit is a great way to begin your X10 home automation system. Contains both computer control and an X10 universal remote control, as well as X10 control of 5 devices."

Personally I'd also suggest/recommend getting the motion sensors via this kit (http://www.envioustechnology.com.au/products/product-detail.php?ID=282) @$89 (save $59.50)

Why setup home automation? Well, for example in my house when the kids wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, they stagger out into the passageway and the lights come on in a dim state so they don't have to touch a light switch plus don't get blinded. They stagger back to bed and a few minutes later, the lights go out automatically. Another example is the light in my pantry - I have that set so it goes on when people enter and turns off after ten minutes or so - again saves having to flick a switch when carrying groceries plus also saves power by making sure the light is not left on all night.

I also can have the electric towel rails turn on early in the morning to get the towels nice and warm for the morning showers, then turn off later in the day once the towels are dry. In winter. In summer it lets nature do the work.

Basically, you can live without home automation *but* once you have it setup this can really enhance how you live at home. I'm hooked, and this is a pretty cheap entry.

Envious also have a number of other things on sale at the moment, such as a bedside alarm clock (http://www.envioustechnology.com.au/products/product-detail.php?ID=182 for $12 - save $74.90) you can also use to control lights etc - eg turn out the room lights without leaving the bed.....


  • Quokka
    This is how Skynet starts... :p
  • ninkasi
    shhhh... they're listening.... ;-)

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