Ugly Cable - Online retailer of home theatre accessories - Free shipping

16 November 2009

I don't know anything about this kind of thing but I heard on the radio that Ugly Cable have free shipping...So it might be worth checking out.


  • salemy2004
    Ugly prices too.:whistling:
  • admin EDITOR
    Ugly site. Bits and peices all where they shouldnt be all over the place. Must be a registered business as they dont show company details. Makes me wonder how they can survive just selling small cabling etc. Why ugly prices salemy ?
  • salemy2004
    Well, although they offer free shipping I dont see their pricing being competitive unfortunately (on the cables i checked at least).
  • fishmonkey
    errr yeah need a new web designer... despite their marketing spiels about their "huge range" they don't actually carry much stock at all...
  • fishmonkey
    most of their cables are a bit cheap and nasty looking for the price...

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