TWS5400G Wireless AP + 2.5" HDD Box at Mwave $14.95

10 June 2008

I have no idea whether this is any good but its an interesting idea. Have posted it sort of thinking that for $15 it'd be something you could buy and play with - assuming you have a spare 2.5 drive or two laying around.

Its hard for this sort of thing to compete with the convenience of USB drives these days which is probably why mwave are flogging it out cheap.


  • admin EDITOR
    Basic specs for it can be found here.
  • sab988
    when u order price changes to 29.95
  • admin EDITOR
    sab - you must have something on your browser thats screwing with it. I'm getting $14.95 all the way. Just checked. Shipping to Syd on this is $8 btw.
  • sab988
    ah ok... got it admin ... if u order more than 2 the price doubles
  • admin EDITOR
    Let me know what its like when you get it sab - be interested. I dont have any 2.5 drives laying around to try it but was looking at the Apple wireless external the other day thinking that wireless back up made a lot of sense.
  • jockreby2003
    Looks like a great unit but sold out now
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - looked like a great unit for 15 bucks - but I'd be hesitant to pay any more for it. Will expire this now - thanks jockreby

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