Two Logitech pink keyboards for $19.95 inc delivery - RRP$99.90

19 March 2010

Normally in the $30 to $40 range if you shop around, but with a RRP of $49.95 each (,en), you can get two keyboards delivered to your doorstep for (just) under $20. The standard black version of this keyboard is $21 at (one of the cheapest places around).

If you love pink, or know people who do (I for example have two young girls who love playing on computers so would probably kill for these) then this is a pretty reasonable deal at 80% off even before taking into account free delivery. I'm thinking of getting them to connect to the laptop so I don't have to worry so much that the kids are going to break the keys on that.

Compact "space saving" design with full size keys, even if pink isn't your favourite colour you might want to consider getting these as spares!


  • admin EDITOR
    :) the only reason they're so cheap has gotta be the pink..... $19.95 for two, shipped, is a very good price given that the single black ones are selling for around $30.
  • ninkasi
    Agreed - it seems to be just the surround that's pink, with the keys white so it could be worse or better, depending on how much you love pink... ;-)

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