TPG - Excellent prices on ADSL2+ broadband - 130GB & 1Mbps $49.95

9 March 2010

Excellent pricing on ADSL2+ broadband, I don't think you will find better!

Introducing our new and improved Broadband plans (ADSL2+ $49.99 plan and above) now with Unlimited Broadband speed shaping!

* Increased ADSL2+ download quotas.
* Now with Unlimited Broadband speed shaping - We've increased shaping speeds so that you can still enjoy broadband speeds and unlimited downloads even once you've reached your download quota.
* Uploads not counted!

Super Fast Standard /130GB


130GB2 (70GB+60GB)


Super Fast Medium /140GB


140GB2 (80GB+60GB)


Super Fast Heavy /200GB


200GB3 (100GB+100GB)


Super Fast Premium /150GB




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