TPG - ADSL+ Plas Upgraded (90GB + 90GB) 180GB - $49.99 shaped to 256kb/s

10 August 2010

New ADSL2+ Download Only plans that give you more downloads without paying more.

The shape speeds have been reduced to 256kb/s for the $50 a month plan though.

ADSL2+ Plans
Only Downloads Counted

Total Monthly Access Charge
ADSL2+ 60GB (30GB+30GB).$39.99
ADSL2+ 180GB (90GB+90GB)...$49.99
ADSL2+ 200GB (100BG+100GB)...$59.99
ADSL2+ 200GB Premium.$69.99

12 Month Contract Option = $59.95 Setup
18 Month Contract Option = $0 Setup

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  • SpendThrift
    Wish they would charge the same rates for ADSL1, as I can't get ADSL2+ in my area :(

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