Toshiba Redemption free HD DVD Player with purchase of LCD TV

3 January 2008

Purchase the following LCD TV models and then claim a corresponding HD DVD player from Toshiba valued at up to $879

37X3000A $2399;
42X3000A $2999;
46X3000A $3299;
52X3000A $4999;

Check the terms and conditions carefully, suggested suppliers etc, look around to get a great deal

Also have some HD DVD's and cashback upon purchase of HD DVD players.


  • admin EDITOR
    When I clicked off through to the link there's what looks to be a login error at the top of the page - I had a moment where I thought your login details may be in there :). But no - its fine - theres some sort error on thier site.
  • admin EDITOR
    These are the "Authorised Toshiba Resellers" - Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, Clive Peeters, Myer, selected Hi-Fi Specialists. The cheapest of the HD dvd players is the E1 ($499 retail) which you get if you buy the 37X3000A and the EP-10 comes in at $799 retail if you pick up the 52X3000A as your telly. Prices according to the Sydney Morning Herald (
  • trevorf
    Still a little too early to tell which will be the dominante format, blue-ray or hd-dvd.
  • admin EDITOR
    :) history would back the one that has the largest marketing budget and cuts the best distribution channels (or maybe ends up the cheapest the fastest. I see blue ray sales are doing well. Damn expensive for the relatively small increment in quality if you ask me.

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