Toshiba AT300SE/003 Tablet shipped for $259@ Wireless 1

26 June 2013

The Toshiba AT300SE/003 Tablet is available at Wireless 1 for $259 including shipping. I did a price check on the tablet and found that Noeledge was offering the next best price at $299.95, Tammex was third in line with a price of $355.99 while the highest price was offered at TopBuy for $484.20 (all prices inclusive of shipping costs).

Tablet specs:
* Dimensions and weight: 9mm front to back, and weighing just 600 grams.
* Performance: NVIDIA® Tegra™ T30SL Quad-Core processor with game controller support and 3D Play capabilities.
*Connectivity: Built-in mini USB port and SD Card slot, connects to Wi-Fi™, WPS and Bluetooth.
* Display: Wide-view 10.1” HD LED backlit touchscreen display, 1280 x 800 pixels (16:10) and intuitive Multi Finger touch support.

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