Toshiba 37XV500A 37" Full HD LCD TV, free shipping to metro areas, $1549 @ Big Brown Box

23 February 2009

another good special for a full HD TV with good reviews...

shipping is free to most metro areas...


  • wheadle
    ] Found this Toshiba 37AV500A. What is the difference between the two tv's? They have this one listed at $1349
  • Jason82
    One is full HD (1080p), the other is not even 1080i (resolution only 1366 x 768)
  • fishmonkey
    the XV model has many improvements over the AV model, including full HD resolution and HD tuner, 100Hz refresh rate, higher contrast ratio, more HDMI inputs, etc... here are the specs pages for the two models:
  • wheadle
    so full HD is more about the resolution?
  • fishmonkey
    1. for a TV to display full HD resolution (for TV and other content), it needs to natively support 1920 x 1080 resolution... 2. a HD tuner will give you access to all the SD (standard def) stations, plus the hi def broadcast channels... many cheaper TVs with HD support are not full HD resolution, so while you can display HD content, you are not really seeing the full effect...

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