Topfield Masterpiece TRF-2460 HD Plus 1TB PVR

12 November 2010

They also have the earlier 2400 model available for $607 plus freight

These prices wont last, they still retail for $1,399.00 without extended warranty.


100% Brand New Australian Stock - No Factory Seconds or Refurbished Models

Product Features:

- Internal Hard Drive 1000Gb - up to 400 Hours
- Wireless Support - Dongle Included In Box
- DVB-T 2 x Mpeg4 - HD
- Record 4 Services
- Record 2 Channels
- Simultaneous Playback While Recording
- Custom Favourite List
- Free to Air Electronic Program Guide
- Pause Live TV / Time Shift Up To 5 Hours
- HDMI Out Put
- Component (YPbPr) Out Put
- Composite (CVBS) Out Put
- Digital Audio Optical
- Digital Audio Coaxial
- USB 2.0 Support x 3
- eSata x 1
- AV (Audio Video) Inputs Component/ Composite
- Network Connection WLAN and LAN
- Web Server Yes + WLAN or LAN Streaming
- TAP Support
- IceTV Interactive Support
- External Hard Disk Drive Support Up To 1000Gb (1Tb)
- Fast-forward and Rewind Speed Up To 128x
- Skip Functions (Variable)
- YouTube
- Flickr
- Weather
- Internet Radio ShoutCast
- PhotoViewer with SlideShow
- Media Player Divx HD Certified
- MP3 Player

VALUED AT $89.00

Product comes standard with a 1 year Topfield warranty, for a limited time we are offering this product with a bonus extended warranty by Protector (Chartis Insurance) which covers years 2, 3, 4 and 5.
AUD $693.00AUD
Freight $12.95AUD


  • wfdTamar
    There is a 30 day money back guarantee on the extended warranty so if you don't it that you can get the Topfield $89 cheaper with the standard 1 year warranty (I've bought one). Tivo is now $499 (and $50 cashback or $100 movie downloads), which now makes it pretty competitive. I have both and prefer the Topfield as it records 4 channels (like ABC1, ABC2 and SBS1 & SBS2).
  • Wally
    Could you clarify what this - Record 4 Services - Record 2 Channels means in practical terms ie can you record 4 programs at once? and how is this unit better than the previously listed one that was a coupla hundred cheaper?
  • Rebekah76
    The PVR will have 2 tuners, letting you view and record two channels at the one time (eg, 7, 9 etc) (your regular old tv only had one tuner, so we could never watch more than one channel at the same time. Record 4 services means you can record 4 programs at the same time - for example 72, 73, 90 and 9 - AND if you are recording these - you could also watch 73 at the same time too. (or record ABC1, ABC2, ABC3, ABC4 and flick through all the other channels) With all the new channels, quad recording is a pretty cool feature. I have a Topfield PVR with 320Gb - and it is fantastic. Seems to do things a lot smoother and better than many of the other ones I've seen and used. This model is dearer because it has 1Terabyte compared to the previous offer, which I think was either 320Gb or 500Gb (so at least double the memory - 1/2 hour tv might be say 1.5Gb or so)

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