Topbuy steal of the day -LG 16GB Silver USB Flash Drive $29.95+$9.95 shipping+Buckscoop Cashback

20 September 2009

This product comes with a 12 month Manufacturer Warranty

System Performance: USB Spec 2.0: Read (10.0 Mb/s), Write (64MB below: 4.0 Mb/s, 128MB above : 8.0 Mb/s)

Not much else you can say about a USB flash drive really ;-)


  • fishmonkey
    because of the state of the technology, 16GB flash drives are generally significantly slower than smaller drives... and cheap 16GB drives like these are really slow... it will take well over an hour to fill this drive at 4MB/s... still if slow speeds don't bother you then this is a cheap option...
  • cnitso
    Looking at the latest wholesale RAM prices. It's actually cheaper for the big wigs in the computer industry to now buy 16GB drives rather than the smaller ones. Probably for the reason you mentioned above fishmonkey (i.e. slower speeds). Take a look at latest Flash Drive wholesale prices here to see what I mean: DRAMeXchange -- Price, Transactions, and research inside DRAM/Flash industry Still, it's a good deal it sux that it costs $10.00 to ship it. I'd expect a lot of these flash drives to drop in price over the next few months. The profit margin for them is huge at the moment, but the stock being sold now was bought when the Aussie dollar was 20% weaker so the major retailers I'm thinking are buying big and at $5.00US for a 16gb drive. We'll see them being sold for $20 bux or even under by Christmas.

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