Topbuy - Steal of the Day Kodak HD Video Camera (Red, Pink or Blue) $99.95+Buckscoop Cashback

11 December 2009

How great is this little beauty - the kids would have a ball with this Kodak HD Video Camera, and the grown ups would probably be happier paying $99 rather than $205, which is the cheapest I managed to find.

There are 3 choices of colour - Pink, Red and Blue and comes with Rechargeable Batteries, Battery Charger, HDMI Cable, Wrist Strap and Protective Case:
- It records in HD (High Definition) 720P
- It is Water Splash Proof to IP43 Standard
- Youtube Capture Mode: broadcast yourself to the world
- Windows or Mac support
- Bundled with full accessories and software
- 12 months warranty

Available until 12 noon, Saturday 12th December


  • fishmonkey
    they are this cheap because they are refurbished units...
  • NoosieB
    Good pick up fishmonkey. And given there's a 12 month warranty, it's not a bad deal. :)
  • fishmonkey
    i agree! a decent deal... generally good reviews too...

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