Topbuy Steal of the Day - 8 Outlet Surge Protected Powerboard $19.95 + Shipping $9.55 +Cashback

23 September 2009

This surge protection outlet is for electrical, TV and telephone appliances. Not only does it have the 8 power outlets, but it also comes with the 3 telephone/internet connections (ADSL, Modem, Telephone) and 2 coax cable connections.

The shipping quoted is for NSW. You'll need to check the amount for your location.

Available till 12 Noon Thursday 24th September 2009 AEST.


  • modtang
    I just bought one of these as I was going to get one anyway and this is a lot cheaper than the ones at HN, Dick Smith, etc.
  • fishmonkey
    surge protection is a tricky business... my recommendation would be to get a device with a decent warranty, some also have attached equipment coverage, however always check the fine print for terms and conditions... it is a very good idea to get a surge protector with an indicator light which tells you when the MOV device has been hit with a surge, as degraded MOVs tend to overheat, resulting in meltdowns and fires... most surge protectors, especially the cheaper devices, do not have an indicator... also, if you are going to use surge protection, remember that you need to protect all the different connections to a device, not just the power... oh, and surge protectors have no hope against close lightning strikes, so it is still a good idea to disconnect equipment if possible when big electrical storms are happening...

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