Topbuy - SEAGATE 640GB EXPANSION PORTABLE DRIVE 2.5in External Hard Drive $99 + 14.95 shipping

28 May 2010

Good price for a Seagate 2.5" USB powered drive with 2yr warranty, pity the shipping is so much.

PnP - no software to install
Simply drag-and-drop to save files
5400 rpm performance
USB powered
Built-in power Mgt ensures energy-efficient operation

They also have 19" VIEWSONIC MONITOR ONLY $129 !


  • vipulrm
    I am not sure if this is all that a good buy given that Dick Smith and Officeworks are selling 1TB External HDDs for less than $100. Can anyone clarify?
  • vipulrm
    Sorry, my bad. Didn't realise that this was a portable drive.
  • queenshrew
    I paid that much for my Iomega portable HD that only has 1 year warranty and 500GB, just last month.... :(
  • ntowill
    Queenshrew, if you register your Iomega HDD online within 90 days of purchase, you should get your warranty extended to 3yrs. You can then also download their backup software (Iomega QuikProtect or EMC® Retrospect® Express) and Trend Micro Internet Security (I think 12mths antivirus subscription included) for free. :flowers: The Iomega registration link is: ]

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