Topbuy - Ovleng 9 in 1 Wireless FM Headset $9.95 + $8.25 shipping

16 June 2010

Wired Headset
Wireless to FM Radio
Wireless Headphone Radio School 68 - 88MHz
Wireless Headphones
Wireless Internet Chat
Wireless to TV
Wireless to PC
Wireless to DVD
Wireless to Mp3/Mp4
1yr warranty

The HIFI headphones and the ability to enjoy the sound of your TV, MP3 Player, DVD, CD and RADIO completely wireless, no hassles, no tangles and without disturbing anyone else! Not content with providing you just the sounds of day to day audio sources wireless, these headphones also feature a built in FM radio, allowing you to listen to radio outside the range offered by the transmitter, go for a walk in the park if you like!


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