Topbuy - OMNI D530 PVR Twin Tuner Digital Receiver inc Optional Recording Function $19.95+$7.50 Fixe

11 September 2010

I guess the optional hard drive function requires you to plug your drive into the USB port which makes it quite flexible for sizze of drive and maybe makes the recordings usable elseware.

Looks cheap enough.

Fully Compliant with Australian Digital TV Standards
Twin Tuner Receives all Digital Standard Definition Free to Air channels
Twin Tuner allow watching one channel while recording another channel
Hard Disk PVR ( A 3.5in IDE Hard Drive upto 500GB is required)
Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for on screen channel information
Compatible with most Televisions and VCRs

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  • ninkasi
    Very old model (maybe four years or so?), and standard def only.... and not sure this has a usb port. I think if you want to use this to record shows you will need to buy an IDE drive. These are a little hard to buy nowadays (a 500Gb is $119 ]here, which is twice the price of the equivalent SATA drive), unless you have an old pc somewhere.... alternatively you might be able to get an IDE to SATA adapter and use that to slot in a newer hard drive, but finding one that is supported (by the pvr) might be a bit hit/miss. Good price though for a cheap pvr/stb if you have an old drive lying around and don't care about HD channels....

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