TOPBUY - LG Premium 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor LESS THAN $200 [ALMOST SOLD OUT!]

19 May 2009

This is their steal of the day for 20 may. In the newsletter it says that the price is less than $199, to be announced at noon!

* Enjoy Widescreen viewing with LG's Premium 22" LCD Monitor
* Implementing LG's Flatron-F, Real Colour Management (RCM) and Adaptive Colour and Contrast Enhancement (ACE) technologies for superior image quality
* 1680 x 1050 - Widescreen Format
* High Contrast Ratio: 8000:1
* Narrow and Slim design
* Brand Name quality and no-name price - Don't miss out on the opportunity to bag this monitor for under $200 tomorrow!


  • admin EDITOR
    Indicative price elsewhere 224 - 240 range so provided that they havent whacked a huge shipping charge on it it could be a good price. Good user review on ]overclockers forum.
  • wheadle
    Ta Lisss. Will watch out for this. Fingers crossed they will not come back with $199.99 :D. Hot vote from me
  • lisss
    BE QUICK! Already almost sold out. $179 + postage Comes to approx $202 incl postage to 2000 however postage to 6000 is $41, so not as good a deal
  • wfdTamar
    Sold Out now
  • nod
    And for today they have some weird pink scarf thing :D does not quite compare hey?

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