TopBuy - LG 4Gb Silver USB Flash Drive - $11.90 shipped

7 October 2009

Pretty good for a 4GB USB Drive!

Available to tomorrow noon


  • admin EDITOR
    The actual price of $12 for one of these LG units is good but shipped for $12 is very good. You can get cheaper 4gb drives from MSY ($9) but its probably going to cost you $3 in travel and time to get into one of their stores. Seems that they're applying the $4.95 shipping charge across the board - I checked NSW, WA, and QLD and it stays the same.
  • owenhwh
    yeah, thats it... checked all the way to NT and it was still 4.95... pretty good deal for a 4GB! plus u can get a max of 5! and its branded too.. not that it matters.. =P
  • mouldgirl
    Going to buy one. Thanx.
    and its branded too.. not that it matters.
    I thought the branded ones had faster transfer rates?
  • fishmonkey
    Going to buy one. Thanx. I thought the branded ones had faster transfer rates?
    nah, you can't tell the transfer speeds from the brands, although some manufacturers do have high performance models (the faster drives are generally significantly more expensive for the same capacity)... if you are looking for a high performance flash drive, OCZ specialise in fast ones, Corsair and Patriot have some high performance models, and Kingston and A-Data also have a couple of high performance ones in their ranges... the frustrating thing is that most manufacturers don't report performance figures (probably because most of them are pretty slow)... they always say "high speed USB 2.0 480Mbps" which is a meaningless load of codswallop!

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