Topbuy- Hyundai 6000W 2.1 Home Theatre Speakers with Sub-Woofer - Z-Series CINEMA21 $81 shipped

13 January 2010

24hrs only price
No not 6000watts!

Looks to be cheapest delivered in AU

Output Power: 60W
PMPO: 6000W
Frequency Response: 35hz - 18KHz
S/N Ratio: > 62dB
Impedance: 4O
Drive Units: 1 x 6.5" / 2 x 4" / 2 x 1"
Sub-Woofer dimension: 315 x 338 x 220mm
Satellite dimension: 150 x 126 x 220mm
LED Lights

1 Wooden Sub-Woofer Speaker
2 Satellite Speakers
1 3D Sound Input/Output Cable
User Guide
12 months warranty


  • fishmonkey
    6000W PMPO is a stupid meaningless figure...
  • fishmonkey
    btw, the topbuy shipping is actually a bit higher if you are a long way from Sydney... also you can readily pick these up for $71 express shipped to anywhere in Australia from eBay (including 12 months warranty)...
  • admin EDITOR
    First time I've ever come across PMPO - explantion of why its a ]marketing gimmick here.
  • admin EDITOR
    Correct me if I'm misunderstanding this but assuming the input is 240v with a 10 amp fuse on it (I cant find anything to support the fuse size) - the amplifier on this would more likely output 10 X 240 X 0.6. to give it a more realistic 1500w rating.
  • fishmonkey
    heheh, an amp (and speakers) that could handle 1500W continuously would shred your eardrums and blow the roof off your house... the spec says 60W output power, however even that figure is pretty meaningless without knowing what actual measure of power they are using... the 6000W PMPO figure is just ridiculous marketing mumbo-jumbo, whatever method they used to "calculate" that is a complete joke...
  • admin EDITOR
    Isnt it that the speakers are 60w but the amp itself outputs something other ? Not that that makes any real sense.
  • fishmonkey
    i would guess that the total power output of the amp is 60W for all 3 speakers combined (although we don't know what power measurement was used)... and most of that power will be going to the subwoofer, as it takes a lot more power to generate bass sounds...

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