TOPBUY 5.1 channel super slim DVD player with FREE MICROPHONE $29.95

3 April 2008

5.1 channel super slim DVD player with a
FREE microphone (value $10.95)

DVD Player 5.1 Ch Surround Sound DV-360



* Progressive scan function
* High-tech stylish ultra slim loader
* Dolby digital 5.1 CH surround
* Video/S-Video/YPRPB Output
* Digital Karaoke
* Mp3 playback
* Audio CD playback
* Jpeg Disc playback
* Karaoke playback

Dimension: 43 (W)x 27.5(D) x 4.6(H) cm

Package Content

* Main Unit
* AV Cable
* Romote Control
* User Manual
* Batteries


* 12 months manufacturer's warranty

Satisfaction Guarantee:
For total peace of mind, we offer a 14 Days Money Back Guarantee Policy.
Should you need to make a claim, please contact us within 14 days of receiving the item.
For full details of our Money Back Guarantee Policy see site


  • geo78
    where does it say it comes with a free microphone? the package details does not include the microphone.
  • lilpretzel
    I guess somebody is slow to update their picture on Topbuy.
  • photographyisart
    this seems like quite a good deal, anyone know of the quality though?
  • geo78
    the picture is not updated. and if i follow the link in the deal, there is only the DVD player that i can add to my chart...and even at the checkout, the mic doesn't show up...
  • Gallifrey
    will try and find the link again
  • Gallifrey
    Maybe they sold out, I cant find this player listed with the microphone anymore. It is still available for this price but without the mic, unless someone else can find it on their website?
  • leny
    Voted cold. :( DVD player does not read dvds at all. :mad:
  • Gallifrey
    Voted cold. :( DVD player does not read dvds at all. :mad:
    where does it say that Leny or do you have one of these?
  • geo78
    how come a dvd player cannot play dvds? only if the product is faulty...anyway, here is a better description of the item: DV-360 supports multiple formats, namely DVD, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, VCD-3.0, SVCD, DVCD, CD-R/RW, JPEG (Kodak), Mp3 and even WMA files. Coaxial output with Dolby Digital pass-through is provided for easy connection to any major appliances; while remote control gives you the total control and freedom.
  • leny
    It's not that those players shouldn't, they just "don't." Invest into a worthwhile product. The worst shopping decision I have ever made was to buy a couple of those for $19.95 each.
  • Gallifrey
    LOL... at 50% dear than $19.95 they might just be 50% better??:w00t:
  • Keeys
    pmsl 50% better I think cheap dvd players can be a bit hit and miss. We have had one that was awsome and another that was crap, bother were around the $20 mark.

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