TomTom Rider V2 @ Mwave $915.67 delivered.

5 July 2007

I've put this up not so much because its a screamer of a bargain but more because its a good example of how to work all the bits at your disposal into a good price.

The TomTom rider is pretty new. So prices are fairly flat across the board. $916 - $1000 undelivered.

The basic advertised price of one undelivered is $946.40 at Mwave, $917.95 at, and $916 at betterIT.

So on paper betterIT look better and Mwave pretty crap.

But delve a bit deeper. Mwave have a 3% off all items offer until 9th July, they also have $6 shipping and then there's 1% cashback here.

If you price all of the above and delivery into it, and thats to 6000, it ends up as
Mwave - $915.67
BetterIT - $925.60
Ryder - $931.10

So anyway - back to the product itself...

What do you think?

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