TOMTOM GO710 GPS @ DSE $699 after fuel ($100) and ($50) mail in rebate offer

28 March 2007

This is good for a laugh. Dick Smiths have a '40c off a litre of fuel with a GPS' promo on. In the promo they have 11 GPS systems on offer.

Of those 11 - the go710 is the ONLY unit that works out to be cheaper than you can buy it (priced without the fuel offer) elsewhere. Its just so typical of the sorts of things merchants do when they promote 'a sale'. Thats why this site is here. To break off the crap factor from the real value one.

So anyway - soapbox aside. TomTom have a great reputation. This unit is about middle range. The $699 Dick Smiths show as the price is the price for the unit minus the value of the fuel bonus. So they give you 150 litres of fuel at a discount of 40 cents. This is where it gets tricky - the discount is 'one use only' so we're assuming that means you need to take all 150 litres in one pop and its from participating places only. IF you can and do take the fuel then this is a great price on the GPS unit and you ultimately pay $699 instead of the $780 up elsewhere. IF you dont take the fuel - dont bother. And if you looking at any of the other units there - DONT BOTHER - they're not cheap at all.

The DSE price is also taking the mail in rebate ($50) cashback into account so you need to make sure you get that as well for it to be good value. Slightly slimey of DSE to make it so convoluted but if your a savvy consumer you can take full advantage.

T&C's summary - you've got to buy from DSE, Powerhouse or Tandy between 26th March and 29th April and you have to redeem the fuel by 29th May. Rebate is via mail in - so expect to have to wait a while to get that back.

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