TIP!! Dell Home/home office site and Bucky cashback!

4 December 2007

For some reason the link to Dells home site isnt directing you to the Home page, but to a page for a 1520 notebook.

To get to the home page from there and keep your Bucky cashback tracking click "home/home office" from the top middle of the page.

This is what it looks like:

You are here: Australia > HOME/HOME OFFICE > Notebooks > Inspiron Notebooks

Just click the HOME/HOME OFFICE and then follow whatever the instructions were in the dell deal that interested you.


  • nod
    Ok I have fixed it sort of - well the best I can do for now to ensure that your cashback gets tracked. The landing page for both Dell Consumer and Small business is Small business To get to Dell Consumer simply click on the Dell logo upper left and then select it I am hoping to have this resolved first thing tomorrow :)
  • nod
    Ok The thing is that both of the Small Business and Consumer links will take you to the Small business section. This way your cashback should still be tracking ok. Still trying to sort the issue :)

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