TheHut Uk - Xbox Kinect Pre-orders for $28ea or $26ea when buy 4 and use £6 off £60 code

7 August 2011

Get these 4 future kinect games for £17.85ea, buy all 4 and use £6 off £60 code = quid6co

Each games is then £16.35ea = $26AUD cheapest price anywhere even Ozgameshop

Michael Phelps: Push the Limit (Kinect) Xbox 360 Comes out Oct

Blackwater (Kinect) Xbox 360 Comes out Nov

Grease (Kinect) Xbox 360 also on Ps3 Move - Comes out Nov

Jillian Michaels' Fitness Experience (Kinect) Xbox 360 Comes out Nov

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    Not sure if its useable on this deal or not but 1635-BP34-4W77 gets you 10% off your next order. I suspect its a single use code but worth a try.

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