The New Apple 8GB iPod Touch MP3 Player $409 delivered from Dstore until 31 December

27 December 2007

With Dstore offering free delivery over $50 the price on this ipod becomes pretty good, a couple of stores manage to beat the price until you add their delivery charges.

Of course it also means that any other low value items you add to your order will also be free delivery, checkout the clearance section and dvd sale while there.

The Apple iPod touch 8GB revolutionizes portable media players with its interface, features and versatility. The iPod touch utilizes the same multi-touch interface that has made the iPhone famous. View your favorite media on the stunning 3.5" widescreen display while the Wi-Fi web browsing capabilities will let your surf the web with Safari, watch YouTube videos or buy content directly from the iTunes Wi-Fi Store. At only 4.2 oz and 8mm deep, it is astounding what you can do with the iPod touch.


  • admin EDITOR
    I really do like the interface they've built for this tranche of gadgets. When I first read about the iphone sliders etc I thought ... crappy gimmick. But now having used one for working on - the interface they've built for browsing and typing etc is very smart. Love it.
  • nod
    They are a great looking piece of technology
  • pqhf463
    It is slightly cheaper at $393.86 with free shipping (Paypal offer).
  • admin EDITOR
    Thanks pqhf - even once the dstore cashback is factored in, the getamac price still beats it. Good find.
  • nod
    Hey thanks Pghf463 Welcome to Buckscoop Do you have an itouch?

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