Tevion DVD Recorder from Aldi $129

4 April 2008

Tevion DVD Recorder is available from next Thursday at Aldi while stocks last. 1 year warranty.

* Dual format recording DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW discs
* 4 recording mode options: high quality (1 hour), standby play quality (2 hours), extended play quality (4 hours), standard long play quality (6 hours)
* Timer recording
* 1-touch recording function
* USB Input.


  • craftykiwi
    Hubby wants this as our other model one is hit and miss when it comes to recording and we want to transfer our old family videos on to DVD while still in good condition.
  • admin EDITOR
    wouldnt you be better off with one that has an internal drive crafty ?? But then I guess this would be good if your wanting to keep stuff and dont have a bunch of spare external drives sitting around
  • craftykiwi
    Have already got a couple of PVRs that have their own hard disks, just want a burner to make hard copy DVDs to keep and pass on to family members.
  • admin EDITOR
    Makes sense. Surprised that they dont use dual layer disks to get the extra recording time.

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