Telstra bigpond wireless USB dongle $200 at Mwave + cashback

9 July 2008

This is a decent price compared to what telstra and others want to charge you for the same unit - decent by about $100 which would be handy to put towards the monthly data charges.

I use one - not telstra - and they're a damn fine idea if your a slave to your machine. The only thing that becomes annoying is when you hit dead spots. Alternatively you could always just buy the new iphone and connect via it.

There are some support issues with the different USB dongles out there. The Hanwei's are generally easier to find information on when you have install issues. I've only yet managed to get one of these to 'autodetect' and work without stuffing around on a PC and even then it was only for a limited amount of time. They're been fine on the Mac once you have the providers software installed.

So far they seem to be proprietary - ie locked. You can interchange sim cards on the same network though. No sure how you can unlock them but you can take the sim and drop it into a phone - although it wont work to dial up. I imagine someone somewhere has an unlock mechanism.


  • Brad
    Fair discount off the retail price of these and although Bigpond have good coverage in most areas, their charges are certainly worth a quick read ! ]Bigpond charges
  • admin EDITOR
    I glanced at these prices but didnt digest quite how high they were. Where the hell does Telstra get off with their pricing. This matrix idea where they whack you on connection speed plus data charges is complex, greedy and just plain stupid. Take the UK as an example of a competitive marketplace - you can get unlimited download 24 month contract plans, whatever connection speed you can find, for the equivalent of $37 a month and they chuck in the dongle for free. I still say that the deregulation of Telstra was a lovely stuff up that achieved little in the sort of economic progress for Oz, that a truly competitive marketplace would bring. High charges of this nature are offset onto the consumer through the products that they buy (unless your the end consumer already where you just have to wear it). Anyway.... time to put away the soapbox... I'm ranting.... Money grubbing scumbag telco's ......
  • port
    Alternatively you could always just buy the new iphone and connect via it.
    No, you can't. :) The Bigpond devices are permanently locked to the Telstra network (I think some are also SIM locked, so beware); Telstra branded devices can be unlocked for at least $27.50. However, there are ways to ]save on PigPond wireless.

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