Target - Wii Controller And Nunchuk - $69.95 - Starts 4th DEC - 10 DEC

30 November 2008

Starts in 4 days - Ends 10 December

Wii Controller And Nunchuk

Total value $99.90.

Must be purchased in one transaction.

This offer not available at Target Country stores unless stated otherwise.


  • lilpretzel
  • MamaK
    for those with a wii already- do you use the nunchuck much?
  • lilpretzel
    We sure do with Super Mario Smash Bros and others. :D
  • craftykiwi
    We don't. I've seen my son use it a couple of times but with the games we play we haven't really needed it, so I guess it depends on which games you like. If you check the back of the packaging for the games in the shops it'll tell you which ones need what controllers and you can get an idea if you'll need an extra one in the near future.
  • eron
    Fantastic offer, hot~
  • Blinda
    Show the catolog to Kmart, you'll get another $5 off~~~

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