Target - Wii Console Bundle $429

5 April 2008

Looks like Wiis may be back in stick with this deal from target.
Nintendo Wii Console Bundle for $429.

Includes 1 Wii console, Wii sports game, 8-in-1 accessory pack and a choice of one game, either WWE Smackdown 2008 or Bratz the movie. (Total value $489.85.)


  • craftykiwi
    We got just the basics before Xmas for $399 - sports game, one controller and console. So here you get a 2nd game plus the 8-in-1 accessory pack for $30 more. Not sure that we'd want either of the 2 games but can always on-sell them I guess. Father-in-law was so keen on playing ours Xmas day that he now wants his own one, so can send him here once he's over his op.
  • admin EDITOR
    thats a reasonable deal, given that the price of the base unit is still pretty stable at $399 (
  • geo78
    BigW have the console only for $388.

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