Target - PS3 Platinum Games - $39.00 Each (Playstation 3)

24 April 2009

Various PS3 Games on sale at Target at the minute, including the following:

-Uncharted - Drakes Fortune
-Resistance - Fall Of Man
-Ratchet & Clank - Tools Of Destruction
-Motor Storm
-Gran Touismo


  • nod
    Can I ask what you get extra for the platinum versions? I see that Hifi express have the platinum Uncharted Drakes fortune for $37.95 and the other titles around the same price but not the platinum versions
  • taskel
    Games go platnium when they sell a certain amount for example it used to be when they sold 1 million copies, they would then reduce the price and make platinum versions, your gauranteed a good game if its platinum in my opinion because you know that its popular.

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