SquidInkjets up to 75% off Ink Cardridge and Printer Prices + Free postage!

18 November 2007

No Minimum order - Free express postage - All major Brands

I only just found these guys so no idea on prices or customer service.

They also have an affiliate program nod might want to look into ?


  • nod
    They say thay have a program but I can't find them on the network. Odd I will keep looking Keeys as they offer a good rate :) Thanks for the tip To make this a deal though I think we need to price compare the ink cartridges. So can you provide a bit more information please :)
  • MamaK
    sounds good to me- much cheaper than officeworks
  • ScarletRubies
    Just double checked prices fromt he supplier I've been using for a while, and ]http://www.ausmedia.com.au/ is still cheaper - at least for my printer.
  • admin EDITOR
    Ta Ruby - good feedback.
  • nod
    Found the cashback :w00t:

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