SPA 3102 ATA (Analog Telephone Adaptor) for VoIP

21 June 2007

VoIP ATA, most posts on seem to rate this as one of the best. You can plug your existing phone and still receive calls to your existing phone line. I've looked at a lot of places and this is a great deal - $5 call credit and free postage. Still a lower price than anywhere else. This unit is not locked to a network so you can program different voip providers for different call types and rates.


  • nod
    Thanks Absolutebeginner When I clicked thru I found this "Programmed only to operate on the MyNetFone service" Have you tried it on different VOIP networks?
  • nod
    Actually that statement is for the MNFSPA2100 :confused: I can't seem to find the SPA 3102 ATA on the site? Any ideas?
  • absolutebeginner
    To get to the SPA 3102 just go to MyNetFone/shop and scroll down the page!:)
  • ozpete
    or just go here BTW I have been using Mynetfone for around 7 months and while initially I had some quality issues, I have found it excellent. Unless I mention to someone I am using Voip I have had no comments about the quality. There are other providers out there and they also get good ratings depending on who is reviewing them. Whatever VOIP saves a lot. I had to discuss a booking with a hotel in Tasmania recently and I was on the call for 30 minutes, total cost 10c. Now if it was 12.5c or 9.8c who cares - compared to my old Optus long distance service it was a great saving.
  • nod
    :) Thanks The VOIP quality just gets better. I can't believe the prices that you pay with the normal telcos if you make international calls. I have had 'bad lines' several times when making a call with the standard guys and paid a lot more for the privilege

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