Sony NWE005FV MP3 Walkman 2GB Violet @ Minidisc $179

19 December 2006

This is a good price on the Sony Walkman from Minidisc. Touts that a 3 minute recharge will give you 3 hours playtime and that on full charge you can get 28 hours out of it.

Minidisc will give you 1.5% cashback as well. To read how our cashback works have a look at


The first flash Walkman of 2006 is here! The 2GB NWE005F boasts some very cool features in such a compact & lightweight device! The stylish Sony design conceals a USB plug that allows you to directly connect the Walkman to a USB port on your computer. That means no need for any extra USB cables!

It incorporates an FM Tuner, never before seen in an entry model flash Walkman! So now you have the option of listening to your own music collection or to your favorite radio DJ.

For the ultimate convenience Rapid Recharge technology gives you 3 hours of battery power from only charging it for 3 minutes!

Lastly, Walkman now supports AAC music files! Sony have announced the release of a new version of the SonicStage software and a firmware upgrade that allows an AAC music file collection to be enjoyed on the Walkman!

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