Sony Have 3 Years Extended Warranty On All Bravia TVs Bought Anywhere In Oz Until Dec 31st

2 October 2009

Sony now have a 3 year extended warrantly on all Bravia TVs from now until December 31st this year.

You can buy it from any retailer, and you'll get a manufacturer warranty from Sony along with the TV.

This isn't a bad deal considering most manufacturers will only give a standard 1 year warranty, or you have to pay extra for the additional years.

*Note that if you do end up buying a Bravia with the extended warranty, you will have to register before 31 JAN 2010 for it to come into effect.

(You can pay extra if you wish to extend the warranty to a furthur 4 or 5 years)


  • taskel
    Register for the extended warranty [URL=""]here[/URL], via phone on 1300 872 657, or complete the form on the tear pad in store and send to: Sony Warranty Department, GPO Box 9872, Brisbane QLD 4001 by 31/01/2009.
  • andrewr
    How much is the 4 or 5 year warranty?
  • taskel
    How much is the 4 or 5 year warranty?
    Hi andrewr, ]here's a list of the warranty prices. I guess it really depends on how big the TV is etc. Hope it helps :)

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