Sony DCRDVD705RW3 Handycam $499.50 - save $300 PLUS cashback

21 August 2007

Sony have some cheap prices for once!
The handycam that was an awesome buy, the DCRDVD805RW3 for $649.50 appears to have sold out.

But this DCRDVD705RW3 Handycam is selling for over $800 elsewhere. I have tried to use the discount coupons but sadly they do not want to work.
Delivery is a very reasonable $12

Here are some specs:
" * Record Direct to DVD
* DVD+RW/-R/-RW Recording Formats
* Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens
* 12x Optical / 24x/480x Digital Zoom
* 2.7" WIDE Touch Screen LCD
* Dolby Digital 2ch Recording
* Spot Focus and Metering
* Record / Zoom Buttons on LCD Frame
* Super NightShot Plus
* Super SteadyShot
* DVD+RW/-R/-RW Recording Formats
* 1/5.5" 1.1 Mega Pixel; 1152H CCD with Advanced HAD Technology
* High Quality 16:9 Widescreen Recording
* InfoLITHIUM Battery System"


  • sab988
    dvd cams are getting cheaper and cheaper :rolleyes:
  • sab988
    and with the $100 discount coupon, u can get it for cheaper ... WOW 400 bucks for DVD cam ... that def a bargain
  • sab988
    damn it ... out of stock
  • admin EDITOR
    that seems to be a prety common story with Sony. We're not sure whether its just they dont stock a lot or whether they are actaully playing silly buggers for the exposure.
  • enthusiast
    That's a pretty generous cashback from Sony, too! LOL Better than nothing though... :-)
  • admin EDITOR
    its almost embarrasing how little they give. Seems to work that the brand names who typically charge superinflated prices on their own sites have the smallest cashback percentages.
  • nod
    I have to agree with you there. First they have overly inflated prices so that even when the give you a $100 off voucher you still need to be very careful with your price comparison and then when they have anything out on sale .. mysteriously all items are out of stock within 2 mins.... :confused: And when I tried to use the discount code ($100 off $400) they told me I had already used it for this item :eek:

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