Sony 4GB VIDEO WALKMAN @ Sony $299 + cashback

3 July 2007

The cheapest price I can find on this 4gig version elsewhere is $379 undelivered. Thanks to holdenmg we have a 100 off 300 voucher for Sony which means you can get it from them for $299 with delivery @ 8 bucks or so.

$80 off is a pretty good discount.

Apply the attached discount code at the checkout to get your $100 off. The cashback isnt huge but its still half your delivery cost @ $3.80 or so.

If your buying with a visa card you may be able to apply the second code (Sony Visa Entertainment Exclusive Offers) to extend your warranty by 12 months. I say may because I havent yet been able to get the page with the terms and conditions to load. Holdenmg or horseforthree do either of you have any idea ??


  • holdenmg Terms and Conditions: Bonus 12 Months Extended Warranty: 1. 12 Months Extended Warranty Bonus offer can be redeemed either online or over the phone through Sony Style by quoting promotional code AND paying with a valid Visa credit card. 2. Offer is only available on products eligible for extended warranty cover (excluding accessories, PlayStation® and Sony Ericsson products). Please visit [url][/url] for more information. 3. Cover subject to standard Sony Extended Warranty terms and conditions. 4. Sony Style offers are not transferable, are not redeemable for cash and cannot be used at any other Sony retailers.
  • admin EDITOR
    I got that far - but I still wasnt able to find out what products were available for extended warranty cover. For some reason I couldnt even click through off that link you've pasted. Probably doesnt help that the site is slow a hell for me. Dunno what they're running on it but its painful.

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