SOLD OUT!!! COTD - $298.00 The Complete Computer System!RRP$699. Windows Vista Installed!

21 February 2008


The Complete Desktop Computer System!

Intel Inside! Windows Vista Home Basic Installed!

Internet Ready - Modem, LAN, Sound, DVD, CD Writer - Everything you need in a single system!

1 Year $29.00, and 3 Year $99.00 Extended Warranty Options Available From Dropdown Menu at Checkout!

Limit of 1 Per Member! Very Limited stock available!

Back by extremely popular demand. We've managed to secure more stock of these systems exclusively for our members. Its the complete desktop computer system. Featuring everything you need for study, work and play. Just $298 for a COMPLETE system, fantastic new VISTA operating system included! Featuring:

2.53Ghz Intel Celeron Processor
Windows Vista Home Basic Pre-installed - Enjoy the latest in Microsoft OS design! COA and Recovery DVD included.
512MB Ram, 80GB HDD
DVD/CD writer combo drive - Watch movies! Burn Cds!
56k V.92 Modem, 100/10 Lan onboard - Internet Ready!
Matching Powered Speakers, Multimedia Keyboard and Optical Mouse
17 Inch CRT Monitor
The Complete Desktop Computer Solution! Great for School, Work and Play!

Black unit, with blue LED indicators on both the main unit and keyboard.

With Windows Vista Home Basic pre-installed, you are set to take advantage of the latest cutting edge features from the geniuses down at Microsoft. More security, stability, tabbed browsing and device sync management!

With speakers, onboard audio and video and a DVD drive. The system is ready for all your multimedia needs as well, included watching movies, playing games and burning music CDs!

We have a very limited quantity of today's MEGACATCH available, this is a COMPLETE computer system as well, if your thinking of picking up a computer for study, internet, work or play, for the kids, the office or your own use - today is the perfect chance - don't miss out!


  • trevorf
    Lacking in many aspects, though I guess for 300 bucks, it is a complete system.
  • lilpretzel
    Gee I hope Keeys gets to see this before it's SOLD OUT, she wanted it last time. Great price for the kids to surf the net and do homework, shipping around $30 PLUS cashback. :)
  • MamaK
  • Keeys
    Thanks for thinking of me lilpretzel but I've been gone since 5.30 thismorning to take son to a swimming carnival and only just got home :( Just isn't ment to be is it ;) #rd time lucky maybe :) :)
  • holdenmg
    Hi ho every1, Did I mention I bought one of these... It is currently plugged into my ] Well you can't really go back to a CRT monitor with that much real estate... Anyhow, the downside is that it comes with only Vista Home Basic, has 512MB Ram (probably needs double this at least!). It needs a better Video Card especially to get Vista Aero happening to do so you need to upgrade to Vista Home Premium.
  • sandgroper
    It seems you can hack vista basic to give you Aero, google for activate_vista_aero_on_vista_basic_edition
  • admin EDITOR
    Yea - I've heard about that. I guess for $100 you could chuck a gig of ram and a wireless card into it - and there's always cheap drives around.
  • nod
    Thanks for thinking of me lilpretzel but I've been gone since 5.30 thismorning to take son to a swimming carnival and only just got home :( Just isn't ment to be is it ;) #rd time lucky maybe :) :
    :( Sorry Keeys These certainly sell out super fast
  • Keeys
    thats ok ...... watching my son swim was worth missing this for :) :)
  • voteoften
    Hey sandgroper- You seem to be our resident IT expert..... I just bought one of these. Pretty much just for the internet and for my daughters games. I have ADSL or whatever it is called when you have a box thing that you plug into. I am wondering now if this owill be very slow due to the 56K modem that is installed in it. What do you reckon? I currently just plug a blue cord into my laptop or my desktop. Also, one thing I was wondering about that you might know immediately.... My old desktop died. My ex-hubby's it guy said it was the "motherboard" that died and that the hard drive was fine. He said he would move my hard drive into a "caddy" and that I could then access all of my photos etc that are on that caddy. My questions to you are these: Can I just wack a new motherboard into the computer and start using it again? If so, is this easy to do myself? If not, could some company like Arrow do it cheaply? (The IT dude charges $180 PH and is v thorough. I think if I replace the motherboard I will retain all of the programs that have been loaded onto the computer in the past, which is what I want) If you reckon I can just wack a new motherboard in, can you recommend a level of specification? The biggest priority is to not lose the photos. The second is to retain the expensive programs that are loaded on that I haven;t bothered to keep documentation for, therefore would not be able to keep or reload for free unless I stick with the same box. I would appreciate any help you might be able give me......... I have long wanted to ask you about the motherboard. Now I am interested in your opinion on the modem on this "deal" that I bought today... THANKS!!!!!!! Buy you a drink if I ever run into you here in Perth.
  • trevorf
    As a computer is composed of many items, any one these components could potentially disable your computer from starting up. Determining which item is at fault is dependent on symptoms. Assuming your mother board is dead, replacing the mother board is not a simple task for someone who has not replaced any components in a computer before. And you can potentially damage other items. 180/hr seems quite hefty. Expensive programs? then don't you have the discs that these packages came with? Documentation is not that difficult to locate, and I'm pretty sure all the information required is on the Internet anyway. With mother boards, there are different models which are specifically designed for different systems. So you can't just wack in any old mother board in there. You need to to find a mother board which is the same type as your existing one. Searching the net with your existing mother board's model number would help with this. ADSL is different from 56K. They are separate, and even though the PC has a 56K modem, ADSL doesn't use it at all. That 'ADSL box thing' is the modem. This connects to an ethernet/LAN port, which is similar to a telephone cable (but not exactly the same) or a USB connection. Since it's blue cord, it's probably a ethernet/lan cable. The lan cable plugs into the 10/100mbit port, which that PC has. So no, the 56K has nothing to do with ADSL, and thus will not slow your connection. For your photos, yes a caddy/case/external enclosure (they're all the same thing) will be much simpler, and you probably can do this yourself. I would probably advise you to do this, as this would be the most cost effective way of retrieving your files, in a simple manner. The other option is to open up the new PC and put the old drive inside, though slightly more troublesome. If you just replace the mother board, you most likely can run your existing system and applications. Though it wouldn't be optimal, as your Windows/OS has been installed with a different set of settings(due to the mother board difference). All up, this cheap PC should run perfectly fine and fast with ADSL, and external case/caddy is your best option.
  • admin EDITOR
    Thanks trevorf - good summary. Voteoften - yes you should be able to put the blue cable into the network port and (if the ADSL modem has on spare) into there and have it work. Yes you could put the hard drive into a caddy and run it in parallel. Like trevor says you could also get it installed into the new machine and run it as a second drive. Yes you could also put a new motherboard (assuming its the dead component) into the old machine but like trevor says - matching compatible motherboards is a fairly complex process unless you know what your doing. If you did you'd probably want to replace the RAM and chip at a bare minimum and possible other components dependant on the motherboard you put into it. The sums usually dont work out for this sort of stuff if your having to pay someone to do it. You have the cost of the new motherboard and at minimum labour (2 hours $360 bucks or with someone cheap probably the same or similar amounts of money as they will want to first confirm the board is dead). To get photo's off the hard drive is easy. Caddy - or just plug it into you new machine as a second drive. To get applications off - hard. Do you really really need the applications ?
  • lilpretzel
    Yuck I hate Vista just can't get use to it, so I got hubby to format my laptop and reinstall xp. ahhh!!! So much better. :)

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