Skype - Free voucher for up to 30 minutes of world-wide calls

10 September 2010

Make calls from your computer to landline numbers around the world with Skype

For registered members, Skype offers a free voucher for world-wide calls for up to 30 minutes.

Skype membership is free and PC to PC calls are usually free but calls to landlines & mobiles usually cost a fee depending on which country is called BUT with this promo you can obtain 30 mins for Free!

Skype Works for ALL computer platforms - requires a software client (for your particular operating system) to be downloaded from the Skype site

For new users you will need to install the client and set up your account, Then
Click thru to the Promo page
and enter your email address to receive the Code

FYI: EID is the celebration of the end of the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan


  • admin EDITOR
    Skypeout used to be crap but it's been getting steadily better across the last 4 years
  • stylecrime
    If I'm reading the terms correctly, you can only use the credit on a single call: "30 total minutes is based on a single call to a landline at the rate of €0.02 per minute." Anyone able to confirm this either way?
  • Wally
    Not 100% sure but you get a total credit (calculated at that rate) applied to the account - so a number of calls (+ connection fees) can be made using the voucher credit
  • fireswan
    links to these things never work, so why do people continue to post them? disappointing.

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