Sennheiser MM50 iP in-ear headphones for iPhone $49.97 (50% off) at DSE

5 January 2009

these in-ear iPhone headphones have got good reviews on various headphonophile sites, not the bomb but excellent audio quality for the price...

and these are half-price!

and a tip for iPod owners: try out a decent set of of headphones and you'll be amazed at how much better your music will sound (even the better performing $50 headphones out there are a vast improvement on the crappy standard iPod ear buds...)


  • admin EDITOR
    Try though I might I just cant get these sort of headphones to stay in my ear.
  • fishmonkey
    super glue
  • jackyblue
    that would keep the roo's in too
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - very witty....tried blue tack but it just muffles the sound
  • fishmonkey
    you wouldn't believe what's in my top paddock
  • jackyblue
    mmm ... would love a 50% off deal on a pair of these!!!
  • loonygoose
    Was excited to find this offer on this site.... but it appears it's gone back to 99 bucks :( Still 20 cheaper than the apple store, (and pretty close to cheapest non-discount price i've found)
  • nod
    welcome to Buckscoop Loonygoose
    crappy standard iPod ear buds
    so true - they are rubbish and are impossible to keep in my ears
  • melissanj
    try ebay for NEW sennheiser in ear headphones.....i picked up mine for $8 (picked up)....average price was around $30 must be an older model but they retailed around $80
  • admin EDITOR
    hmm - back to $99 like you say loonygoose. I might expire the deal as there's a few suppliers that are retailing out at that price.

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