Sansui 2GB MP3 Player $59.95 + cashback @

7 June 2007

Easy to operate, and with a 2GB memory, this MP3 player is just what you have been waiting for. What's more the player will charge directly through your computer - just connect it through the USB connection and get ready to rock!

Comes with a 12 month warranty. :)


  • Emma EDITOR
    Don't know much about the brand brad. In my own personal shopping, I've become something of a snob, and only buy big name branded products now. Having worked in an electrical retail store for 5 years, and having seen people retun faulty products, the difference between the branded and unbranded ones was amazing, Although you pay extra, you'd expect the item to last longer. ] This 5GB Creative is still on offer ($99.95+shipping), just for those trying to choose :)
  • Brad
    Cool. I thought Sansui was a good brand though. Oh well. It does still come with 12 months wty.
  • nod
    I am not 100% sure about Sansui. I have never owned anything made by them. Have you bought or owned Sansui before Brad?
  • Brad
    Nope. It's just I had heard of them before.
  • nod
    Would be great to hear from someone who knows about more about the Sansui brand. There often seems to be well priced Sansui brand MP3 players around
  • Brad
    I've added the free shipping... I do like the style/ipod resemblence of this MP3 player.

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