SanDisk 2GB Cruzer USB - $21.95

12 March 2008

Premuim Brand SanDisk

2GB Cruzer USB for $21.95 at Kmart Stores


  • ScarletRubies
    Is there anything that makes it better than the 4gb Rambo Sandy posted earlier?
  • Wally
    In the USB flash drive sphere like in that of automobiles there are the premium brands and the budget IMHO Sandisk = BMW whereas Rambo = Daewoo :p :whistling: But as in all things ... YMMV :)
  • ScarletRubies
    Yeah, I've been known to be sucked in by the gleaming paintwork of a hyundai before... :) Is it something quantifiable for the idiots here present, like "it is 376.084305 vjfbh's quicker to access/retrieve/store your data"? Big numbers and unfamiliar acronyms get me every time...
  • sandgroper
    I bought a 4Gb Cruzer the other day and to be honest my no name drives copy files over much quicker, I get 4.7meg/sec from the cruzer which dissapointed me some. Near twice that from the no names I have.
  • ScarletRubies
    ^^^ yeah, stuff like that.

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